Inspections & Cleaning
Spring is here, which means it's time for contractors to take to the roofs for inspection and cleaning of HVAC equipment. This preventative maintenance is critical to ensuring proper operation during the upcoming cooling season. During these inspections, any dark spots on the condenser face should be looked at more closely, as this may be the first sign of a leak. The OEM coil may be leaking due to corrosion, physical damage, or thermal cycling. Evapco Alcoil has robust aftermarket solutions to replace the low-quality, cheap OEM coils. Our durable MicroChannel tubing is made with long life
EVAPCO Alcoil Park School Case Study
Located just outside of Baltimore MD, The Park School is a private day school for children Pre-Kindergarten through grade twelve. Cooling the school is a 170-ton Carrier AquaSnap chiller, supplying chilled water to two York air handlers located in the basement of the school. See the full story of THE Long-Term Replacement Coil Solution
EVAPCO provides a full spectrum of global product solutions for the Commercial HVAC, Industrial Refrigeration, Power Generation and Industrial Process markets. View the full spectrum of EVAPCO products in our Global Product Catalog .
“Emergent Coils has been purchasing replacement coils from EVAPCO Alcoil for a number of years. We recently had a long-standing customer that needed 8 York YLAA replacement MicroChannel coils . The OEM coil had a very long lead time, which would have caused real problems for our customer. EVAPCO Alcoil came through and got us what we needed when we needed it. Our customer was happy with the quality and service, which makes us happy. Thanks, EVAPCO Alcoil!" - T ommy in Colorado
Alcoil Headquarters
EVAPCO acquires Alcoil to create EVAPCO Alcoil, Inc. EVAPCO Inc., an industry leading manufacturing company with global resources and solutions for worldwide heat transfer applications, announced today that it has acquired Alcoil USA LLC, a York, Pennsylvania-based company that designs and manufactures micro-channel heat exchangers. The newly formed EVAPCO Alcoil, Inc. will pursue the same business that Alcoil has been pursuing and will operate from the existing Alcoil location. Alcoil has been dedicated to the manufacture, development, application and OEM support for brazed aluminum heat
YORK PA Alcoil announces the issuance of US Patent No. 9,459,057 and European Patent EP 2 948 725, which relates to an improved and advanced refrigerant evaporator design. The patented technology is used as an air-to-refrigerant heat exchanger to cool air or reject heat in residential, commercial or industrial evaporators and heat pump systems. The innovation includes a built-in refrigerant distributor to provide uniform refrigerant feed to the heat exchanger tubes over a wide range of operating conditions. The primary benefit results in significantly higher evaporator performance, part load
YORK PA Alcoil Micro-Channel coils offer users of large air conditioning units and process equipment excellent options as condensers for air cooled equipment. They deliver greater efficiency than traditional fin/tube coils, reaching as high as 40% better. Steve Wand, President and CEO of Alcoil, says their MicroChannel coils are not limited to residential and light commercial equipment only. “These coils are primarily designed to operate best in large air conditioning and industrial process applications. You get your best return on investment with 10 ton systems and larger using single and
YORK PA Alcoil recently announced the issuance of US Patent No. 8,662,149, which relates to providing higher energy efficiency in air conditioning and refrigeration equipment. The patented technology is used as an air-to-refrigerant heat exchanger to cool air or reject heat in residential, commercial or industrial systems. The innovations include a built-in mini-receiver, vertical tubes and lower pressure drops for improved performance as a condenser or evaporator. Steve Wand, Alcoil President and CEO, said this is a major advancement for the company. “The patent covers a novel and new