EVAPCO Alcoil Replacement Coils: Carrier 30RB and 30XA

DescriptionEVAPCO Alcoil Replacement Coils: Carrier 30RB and 30XA

EVAPCO Alcoil manufacturers alternative replacement condenser coils for Carrier brand chillers, specifically for the Carrier 30RB and the Carrier 30XA. These replacement coils are designed as near perfect drop-in, with higher quality, longer life. The coils are 79-1/2” wide by 44” tall by 4” deep and have copper I.D. solder connections and a flange/casing for easy installation.


Key Features

E-Coated (Recommended)

  • Available from Stock or 5-6 weeks
  • UL Listed, U.S. & Canada
  • Five (5) Year Warranty on E-Coated models
  • 650 PSI Working Pressure for R410A or R134a Service
  • 1-1/8” IDS copper Inlet, 7/8” IDS copper Outlet
  • Low Refrigerant Pressure drop for improved performance
  • Complete with Flange Casing for easy installation
  • For Microchannel and Fin/Tube Coil Replacement
Model: 2C37.8x41x.83V-13K18-P1359C (E-Coated)
Carrier Replacement Coil
Comparitive Advantages
  • USA Made - High Quality
  • Proven Performance and Robust Design
  • 100% Factory Leak Tested
  • Thicker Tube Walls for Longer Service Life
  • Low Flux Manufacturing Method - Provides Lower Corrosion Potential
  • Designed to replace FIN/Tube and/or Microchannel Coils for Carrier Chillers
The Best Replacement Coil

EVAPCO Alcoil replacement coils are designed as an UPGRADE and improvement to the original manufacture’s heat exchangers, either Microchannel type or Fin/Tube type. While many OEM’s use foreign made or “automotive” quality coils or thin wall fin/tube, EVAPCO Alcoil builds in long life quality. The heat exchanger “Upgrade” feature is due to thicker tube walls, a more robust design to withstand thermal cycling and E-Coating to assure long life corrosion protection.

As a primary supplier to major HVAC & Refrigeration Original Equipment Manufacturers, EVAPCO Alcoil leads the industry in Microchannel coil Design, Quality, and Customer Service. All EVAPCO Alcoil heat exchangers are made in York, Pennsylvania, USA and are shipped from stock or made to order.

Product Drawing
DWG Carrier Replacement

Model: 2C37.8x41x.83V-13K18-P1359C (E-Coated)

E-Coating (Recommended for Replacement Coils)

Recommended in Industrial applications or within 50 miles of Sea Coast Environments. Recommended for replacement coils where the previously failed coil shows signs of refrigerant oil spots or leaks on the coil, due to corrosion or thermal cycling.

  • Epoxy Electrocoat, PPG Powercron Series; 0.001 Inch Nominal Coating Thickness
  • Black, Semi-gloss appearance
Installation Requirements (Summary)
  • Remove existing coil(s) using standard industry practices and in accordance with refrigerant recovery regulations.
  • Install new coils. Condenser inlet connection must be at the top, per the drawing. Do not install upside down. Use care to not damage coil face while handling. Mounting will require sheet metal screws to secure coil flange into equipment panels.
  • Two existing 3/4" inlet connections must be combined to a single 1-1/8” coil inlet connection for easier piping.
  • 3/4" outlet connection to connect to 7/8” coil connection.
  • Solder (Braze) copper connections using Silver solder or Phos-Copper method. Use wet rag on Al side of connections to protect the Al/Cu joint from overheating and damage to the Al/Cu joint.
  • Replace one or all coils in each compressor circuit. (Replace all factory coils, preferred).
  • Leak check all connections. Re-charge the system using the original OEM’s recommended refrigerant charge quantity, then adjust using site glass (minimal bubbles) and subcooling at 5F to 10F.
  • See EVAPCO Alcoil Installation Guidelines for full details.

Replacement Coil Brochure – Carrier 30RB and 30XA

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